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To get started with your service:

1. Pick a service plan. Choose between one-time or monthly payment options.
2. Contact us requesting a quote. Only $99 downpayment is required to initiate your service request.**
3. Email all associated media files to developer@decodedweb.usa
4. Receive updates on the delivery of your newly ordered product.

** All transactions are carried out via Stripe. Most websites will be ready within 14-21 days and delivered through GitHub Pages.

Basic Website Build & Setup

Website built and deployed from start to finish with focus on responsiveness, UI design, UX and functionality. Responsive.
Example Websites:
Local Small Business, Salon, Store Front, Simple Blog, Professional Portfolio, Welcome Page, SaaS Product Store, etc.

Due today: $99
Total: $399

Enterprise Website Build & Setup

Multi-Page website built and deployed from start to finish with focus on usability, UI design, UX, functionality, responsiveness and SEO. Highly optimized for lead-generation and sales conversion.
Example Websites:
Local Business, Landscaping Services, Commercial & Residential Services, Chirportactic Services, Home Rennovation & Remodeling, Contractual Services, Trade Services, Handyman Services, Huge Store Fronts, Complex Blogs, Professional Portfolio, SaaS Product Store, eCommerce store, NFT Landing Page.

Due today: $99
Total: $699

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